Posted by: mbmusings | September 6, 2008

Sexist Pig of the Day Award

Oinkin’ from the Boinkin’ takes down an attack on Sarah Palin by the hack Judith Warner, blogger for the New York Times.  The same Ms. Miller once “described by John Podhoretz as ‘America’s most embarrassing online columnist.'”  After reading her rambling hit piece, I have to agree.

Of note in Ms. Warner’s hit piece on Sarah Palin, was that she was not directly taking on the Republicans and their attraction to Sarah, that would be below her.  Her attacks were directed against other hit pieces on Ms. Palin from other liberal columnists at Slate or the Politico, or the hapless Joe Biden.  How brave (actually, how condescending). 

I love the fact that they want to attack her for “reading from a prepared script” when that’s what all of our inept politicians do.  Take the TelePrompTer away from his holiness, B.O., and you get a bumbling, stuttering, class warrior, of the second rank.  Pair him with the best media handlers, and you get the ‘Messiah.’  Just don’t peak behind the curtain or doubt his authenticity.

The elites are throwing Sarah Palin under the bus because she appeals to the ‘proles’ of America.  The red-state, fly-over country voter.  It may be OK to appeal to the red-state proles if she was one of the current set of compromised, corrupt Republicans in Washington.  These hapless oafs are kept in positions of nominal power to deflect populist sentiments of the proles away from any real reform of the corrupt system.  Bring in an outsider who hasn’t already been compromised?  Out come the long knives.


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